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6 February 2024

Is the cost of IVF preventing family life?

Navigating the emotional and financial complexities of fertility treatment can be daunting and debilitating. Patients can overcome these challenges by exploring diverse funding options, ensuring that the pursuit of parenthood is as accessible as possible.

Over 70% of all IVf cycles fail to result in a healthy birth, which is why investing the time to define the optimum treatment pathway with experienced fertility consultants is an insurance policy in itself. It can maximise your chances of pregnancy and ensures a bespoke approach that will empower you with confidence. That confidence is critical when the next step is funding your treatment. Considering a variety of financial support options allows you consider spreading payments, enhancing savings or even de-risking the long term financial burden. Here we explore some of the options that clinics like Harley Street Fertility clinic offer to support their patients.



Kandoo is a premier credit finance company with terms tailored for healthcare. Kandoo offers flexible repayment periods of up to 24 months, eliminating the need for an upfront deposit. Ranging from £3,001 to £15,000, the financing options come with competitive interest rates, of 9.99% to the patient. The application process is seamless; patients apply directly via the portal and receive prompt decisions. Upon successful verification, Kandoo disburses the approved loan amount directly to the clinic. This can then be drawn down as treatment costs are incurred.


Assured Fertility

Harley Street Fertility Clinic offers two comprehensive options in collaboration with Assured Fertility:

  1. Multicycle plan. This involves a discounted treatment based on prepayment for multiple IVF cycles, covering the treatment cycles exclusively (excluding medications and extras). Options for 2 and 3 cycles are available, with the additional possibility of a partial refund if successful without utilizing all prepaid cycles. There are no stringent medical eligibility requirements, except that the female must be under 45. Assured Fertility pays the clinic directly for the cycle fees, while all other fees are payable directly by the patient.
  2. 100% Refund plan. This plan ensures a full refund, including medications, if the patient is unsuccessful (no live birth) after 3 embryo transfers. Medical eligibility requirements apply, and details can be discussed directly with Assured Fertility.

Listen to a podcast with Nick Montague, Director Assured Fertility, and Holly Scot, Patient and Clinic Liaison Manager, Assured Fertility, who explain about the multicycle and 100% refund IVF plans.



Gaia presents a unique "insurance" style offer, underwriting IVF treatments after assessing each patient's fertility status. If the patient proceeds, Gaia covers up to 3 fresh IVF cycles and unlimited frozen embryo transfers. The patient pays a premium to Gaia before each treatment round, and Gaia covers all agreed clinic fees (excluding specific extras). In the event of unsuccessful treatment cycles, the patient incurs no additional costs. However, if successful, the patient pays back all performed treatment fees (with interest) over an extended 8-year period


Listen to a podcast with Nader AlSalim, the founder and CEO of Gaia, who explains his reasons for founding Gaia, the company that is redesigning the way that you pay for IVF.

Still unsure, you might find this quick checklist an easy way to decide on the right option for you.


In the pursuit of parenthood, having accessible financial options can significantly ease the journey for individuals or couples. Tailored financial packages are designed to alleviate the financial burden associated with fertility treatments, providing flexibility and affordability. These options aim to contribute to a more positive and manageable experience as individuals navigate the path towards building their families.

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