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September 30, 2022

Dr Venkat shares useful insights in Fertility Road Magazine


Dr Venkat, Director of Harley Street Fertility Clinic, was the contributor of the September issue of Fertility Road Magazine, giving useful insights on 2 male conditions, varicocele and azoospermia. The article coincides with September's Urology Awareness Month.

Clare Goulty BA(Hons), MBA, Editor-in-Chief of Fertility Road Magazine, writes in the introductory words of the magazine: “Male infertility is often overlooked. At Fertility Road, we feel that it’s important to address balance and give focus to both male and female fertility issues. We’re therefore delighted to introduce a new contributor, Dr Geetha Venkat. In her capacity as Director of Harley Street Fertility, Dr Venkat shares her expert insights into two of the most common male infertility conditions: Varicocele and Azoospermia. Dr Venkat explores how these male fertility conditions can be managed to improve chances of IVF success”

Look on page 29 for the whole article. We would like to thank Clare Goulty BA(Hons), MBA for the invitation.

The magazine is free to download at