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21 July 2023

Introducing Dr George Ndukwe

At Harley Street Fertility Clinic, every patient is treated as a unique individual, with a personalized approach to their fertility journey. The clinic's ethos revolves around providing expert care that addresses the specific needs and challenges of each patient. With a focus on complex IVF cases, including recurrent IVF failure, miscarriages, and failed embryo implantations, the clinic's team of specialists is committed to finding effective solutions and achieving outstanding results.

We are delighted to welcome to the team Dr George Ndukwe, renowned IVF specialist with over 38 years experience in obstetrics and gynaecology. With a
life-long passion in fertility, Dr Ndukwe’ specialism is recurrent IVF failure/miscarriage. He has run one of the largest recurrent IVF failure programmes in Europe over the past 21 years, been involved in several research efforts developing new immunological investigations and successful treatment modalities for recurrent IVF failure/miscarriage with international collaborators especially Rosalind Franklin University Chicago.


Dr Ndukwe is a world acknowledged expert in Reproductive Immunology, and is a Fellow of the American Society for Reproductive Immunology (ASRI) and a member of its Clinical Immunology Board. He has delivered lectures all over the world on the investigation and treatment of recurrent IVF failure/miscarriage.

We are looking forward to work with Dr Ndukwe and help our patients in their fertility journey to parenthood.

To book a consultation with Dr Ndukwe’s bio, please visit this page.