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28 November 2023

Egg Freezing options for London Career Women

Balancing a thriving career and motherhood shouldn’t have to be a decision in your mid-30s? Yet, turning a blind eye to nature, may result in problems later in life. The media can glamourise parenting in your 40’s, whilst the medical facts remain that egg quality deteriorates exponentially after your mid thirties. Exploring the option of egg preservation could be your personal insurance policy to choosing when to start a family, empowering you to focus on your career in your thirties.

30 is the magic number: Research has proven that 30 is the ideal number of eggs collected to ensure a successful pregnancy. A women’s hormone levels and egg reserve is influenced by many factors but the most significant factor is age and the egg count diminishes. Hence achieving an egg count from one cycle of egg freezing once over the age of 35 years is not always certain. To understand your ideal egg count, you can use an egg freezing calculator.


Freezing Eggs gave Zahara the freedom to choose

Zahara, a dynamic professional leading an IT consultancy with her partner, Sebastian had ambitions for a family one day but their bustling careers, meant company growth was the immediate priority.


Unveiling the egg-freezing process: decoding the unknown

Acknowledging the uncertainty surrounding the timing of motherhood, Zahara delved into thorough research online. In her quest for information, Harley Street Fertility Clinic, a boutique operation emerged as the perfect fit, as she desired in a more intimate service.


Fertility Experts: a tailored experience

Choosing a specialist in complex medical cases proved crucial for Zahara, as earlier investigations flagged that she was developing fibroids. The clinic's swift response of surgical intervention affirmed her decision, and built trust and confidence for a smooth egg freezing journey.


Multiple Stimulation cycles

To avoid time away from work and to improve the egg collection count, Dr Venkataraman, Medical Director, recommended 2 back to back hormone stimulation cycles. Whilst the hormone medication can lead to an uncomfortable and emotional couple of months the benefits can be significant versus two independent cycles as there is a cumulative impact of the stimulation.

Zahara explains, "Because of my fibroids, I didn't think my cycle was going to be so successful. But we had 12 eggs collected at the first cycle, and 20 at the second. The procedure went really well,". Overcoming challenges, Zahara emphasized the guidance and care from her Fertility consultants, along with the supportive embryologists and nurses. She plans to have ongoing check-ups to monitor her AMH levels.


A message for women wishing to freeze their eggs

In a heartfelt message to women considering egg freezing, Zahara urges, "Take the leap. Planning ahead with egg freezing brings peace of mind for career-focused women or those not ready for motherhood. Reduce stress and focus on life's other facets."


A free 15-minute chat with our team

Fertility preservation is a big decision and investment. Many clinics offer complimentary consultations with Fertility specialists which can address those unanswered questions and help to build that important relationship between consultant and patient.