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November 2, 2022

Fertility Awareness Week - Day 3




On Wednesday we discuss #HimFertility. When a couple is trying (and failing) to conceive, the woman is most of the time accused of fertility issues. Some time, it’s not the woman that causes inability to conceive, but men’s issues. Although equally devastating for everyone involved, there should be no one to blame.

We are, as always, raising awareness about fertility issues, this time men’s fertility. Although perceived as the strong sex, men also need to cry for the baby they long for. Men also need counselling in case of azoospermia, or varicocele, or low sperm count.

Today it’s time to #Fight4Fertility – for #HimFertility. It’s time to hug the man who seems to be strong, but is struggling inside. It’s time to make him aware of the challenges he might face when trying to conceive.

We are the 5/5 family. The HSFC family.

We would like to invite you to watch two powerful webinars discussing male fertility.

The webinar was hosted in 2022, the esteemed panel included Prof Sheena Lewis (BSc PhD CBiol FRSB), CEO Examen, Honorary Professor Queens University Belfast, Executive Committee Association of Reproductive and Clinical Scientists, Ms Samantha Knight, Embyology Lab Manager HSFC, and Alex Reid, Actor and Fertility Influencer.


We also hosted a webinar about Male fertility in 2021, which included an esteemed panel of experts. Mr Asif Muneer (Consultant Urologist/Male Infertility Specialist) is an expert in general urological conditions, diagnostic urology services and has special interests in male infertility, erectile dysfunction, vasectomy reversal, surgical sperm retrieval, genital cancer and Peyronie’s disease. Ms Samantha Knight, our amazing and knowledgeable Embryology Lab Manager, as well as actor Mr Alex Reid, were also part of the webinar experts panel. Alex Reid and his fiancée, Nicola Manashe joined our HSFC family in December 2019.  They were determined to blog their way through their IVF journey, to raise awareness on fertility issues affecting both men and women. Nicola and Alex are now parents to a baby girl, Anastasia, and embarked in their second fertility journey. Alex talked about his fertility journey with HSFC.





If you are a man and would like to discuss your fertility status with us, or you would like to support the man in your life, we would be very happy to help. All you have to do is take the first step and contact us.