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5 January 2024

"Fertility 2024- rethinking reproduction "

Harley Street Fertility Clinic presenting at the 7th Annual Fertility Conference


Continuing our commitment to staying at the forefront of reproductive research and innovation, Harley Street Fertility Clinic is delighted to announce its participation in the 7th Annual Fertility Conference, "Fertility 2024," hosted by the Association of Reproductive & Clinical Scientists, the British Fertility Society, and the Society for Reproduction and Fertility.  

Taking place 10th-13th January 2024 in the picturesque city of Edinburgh,  Samantha Knight, Embryology Lab Manager, will present the Harley Street Fertility Clinic’s research findings in a poster presentation titled Identifying The Optimal Morphokinetic Range For Euploid Embryos Using An AI-Based Embryologist Tool ”. The poster is authored by a team of scientists and clinicians at Harley Street Fertility Clinic in collaboration with Fairtility.  

The study aims to assess CHLOE-EQ's predictive capabilities in determining ploidy and, crucially, to pinpoint the optimal time-range of morphokinetic events in euploid embryos using an AI automatic embryo assessment tool. This cutting-edge research has the potential to reshape how we understand and approach embryo development, offering new insights that may enhance the success rates of assisted reproductive technologies 

As we delve into the discussions and presentations at the conference, we look forward to exchanging ideas, gaining insights, and fostering collaborations that will contribute to the ongoing evolution of fertility treatments. Our mission is clear – to continually enhance our understanding and capabilities, ensuring that our patients receive the most advanced and effective fertility care. 

Follow us on social media for live updates from Fertility 2024 as we share highlights from the conference and our team's experiences. Harley Street Fertility Clinic remains steadfast in its commitment to excellence, innovation, and, above all, the well-being of our patients on their journey towards building families.