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22 June 2023

Dr Venkat, fertility guest speaker, South Indian Society event

On Saturday  13th May, Dr Venkat, Medical Director of Harley Street Fertility Clinic, joined the South Indian Society to talk about women’s health at their annual  event “Health and Happiness”.  South Asian Society is a charitable trust that organises several virtual events and 2 seasonal live events for its community and SIS’s members.



“We are so honoured to have had the esteemed presence of Dr Venkat gracing this event. Her presentation was truly exceptional, characterised by its clarity, simplicity, and engaging nature. The event had a great attendance with the audience actively participating. We are looking forward to more forthcoming events where Dr Venkat can enrich us,” declared Nithya, the organiser of the event.


“I am immensely grateful for the opportunity extended to me, to enlighten and empower individuals, and to inform and educate on women’s health issues. It brings me great joy to note my personal connection with the Indian community, as I share a deep connection through my own South-Asian heritage. I am looking forward to many more events organised by the South Indian Society, as they promise to be enriching and fruitful.”

To find out more about SIS, please visit their website.