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September 10, 2020

HealtiPreg, a device capable of detecting the risk of miscarriage and preterm (premature) births

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Biomarker Systems, a healthcare diagnostics startup, created a device that will help women self diagnose the possibility of early miscarriages or premature birth, by monitoring the risk of infection.


The device, called HealtiPreg, a rapid point-of-care diagnostic device, is similar to pregnancy tests kits, bit its speciality is quantitative detection of disease-associated biomarkers.



Mkpouto Pius, Co-founder and CEO Biomasys, about HealthiPreg: “Our solution saves the opportunity cost to the health of the woman and child by giving the women the freedom to know beforehand what disease conditions may develop in the term of their pregnancy. Saves them and their families from emotional distress.”



The company is seeking women’s opinion about their willingness to buy this device that help them monitor the health of their pregnancy. The preferred participants of the study are pregnant women, and/or have had a miscarriage or preterm birth.


To fill in the survey, please follow this link.

You can view the product demo here.

To learn more about miscarriages, please watch our educational podcast here.