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April 16, 2022

HSFC Family Easter Party

This week HSFC were delighted to welcome back to our clinic some of our previous patients and their wonderful children and babies for an Easter Party.


We view our patients as family, and it is so important to us to stay in touch and to see “the grown-up embryos”, as Suvir, General Manager, said. It is such an honour to be part of our patients’ lives and we enjoy nothing more than catching up with them.



The party had a wonderful balloon display set up by our Head of Reception, Megan (@classyoccasions on Instagram). To keep the youngest guests entertained, the party included Easter egg hunts and bunny and egg crafts for the children. All of the children were gifted with an Easter bag of goodies including a signed copy of ‘The Wonderful You: An IVF Story’, written by Delia Corol.



It was wonderful to see the patients with their babies and grown up children. The event felt like a real family event, with acquaintances being made,  with people eating, drinking and being merry, with babies and older children playing together. Dr Venkat chatted with all the guests, sharing memories from their very first encounter with our clinic, to the present day.


Delia, who produced all our previous podcasts, didn’t miss the opportunity to interview some of the people present at the party for another podcast. “It was so good to see the patients I previously interviewed. Although I met some of them for the first time face-to-face, it felt like seeing some old friends, we hugged and talked, HSFC really is like a family.”


Joanne, mother of Eoin, 8 years old, said about the day that it was “very special. To come back, after 8 years, to see Dr Venkat, was a very special day. Eoin loved it as well and we would like to thank you very much.”



Jasmin, baby Harley’s mother: “Amazing! It’s coming back, everything is coming back, come back to the place where everything started, to get to tell everybody why her name is Harley in the honour of the clinic, to see Dr Venkat, it brings back so many memories, for her to see where she comes from, from us but from Harley Street. I was thinking on my way here, the best sperm, the best donor egg, the best medical team, the best clinic, the best girl, Harley.”


Patrick, baby Harley’s dad, said “Thank you very much for an amazing day. Very emotional to see the team again, how the time has gone by, thank you to Dr Venkat, to Delia for the book, all medical team, all amazing, thanks ever so much, we’ll keep in touch.”



Jasmin said they are also very happy they got to meet Delia for the first time face to face, promising she will translate “The wonderful you” in Spanish and Italian.


Stella, patient HSFC said, “It’s amazing to come back to where we started, meet other people, see other people, I am so blessed to be back here, I am so blessed to have my son. Good job, thanks for organising this.”




Shpetim, a new father, declared, “Dr Venkat is like a God to us because she gave us our baby, she gave us a miracle”. The interview was performed in Albanian and translated by the lovely Joana, Head of Admin.



Some of HSFC staff brought their family to the party. Nurse Nura brought her children Hiba and Amjad, embryologist Maya brought her sweet baby Emma and mother Slavica, pharmacist Poonam brought her son Shay, while Joana brought her adorable daughters Natali and Stefani and mother Mimoza. Natali, Joana’s eldest daughter, summarised for us “The Wonderful you” book, featuring Dr Venkat as the Fairy God Mother who grants people’s wishes to have a family.



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What about Dr Venkat, the heart of HSFC? Dr Venkat didn’t fail to thank everyone involved in organising and attending the party. She also said, what everyone already “suspects”, that helping patients have their babies is not a job, but her whole life.


We wish everyone a lovely Easter and we are looking forward to welcoming more people to our doors, to give them the families they want.


To become part of our HSFC family, please contact us today.