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June 24, 2022

Introducing a new partner. Our family: Harper

We would like to welcome to our HSFC family a new partner, Harper.


At Harley Street Fertility Clinic, we believe that having the correct emotional support and the tools to know how to look after yourself and your partner during this difficult time is essential.


Harper pride themselves on offering comprehensive and personalised fertility support for patients, by combining AI with the human empathy of their fertility-trained coaches and personalised weekly wellbeing programs to teach patients the tools they might need to better navigate their IVF journey.


Mithi Thaya, CEO & Co-Founder of Harper said that “We are excited about the partnership with Harley Street Fertility Clinic. Everything in life is a result of social co-operation, from building a company to building a family. Many of us at Harper have gone through our own fertility journey, either as patients or partners of patients. Our world-class team of scientists, clinicians and technologists are relentlessly working towards helping patients on their exciting journey to parenthood.”


Dr Suvir Venkataraman, General Manager HSFC, comments on the new partnership: “Harley Street Fertility Clinic strives to provide the best possible patient care and support, and in addition to all the exciting technology that we use and the excellent clinical care that we provide, we feel it’s important to look after our patients in every way that we can.” Dr  Venkataraman adds that Harper provide a unique, ground-breaking technological solution to help provide patients with extra emotional and mental support to look after their wellbeing during their fertility journey with us. “We are excited about this partnership and we hope it provides a significant benefit to our patients.”


Joana Sulcaj, Head Administration at HSFC, said that, “Harper will offer more support for our patients’ emotional wellbeing and provide an even better service of care. We can’t wait to begin working together.”


Dr Theodore D Cosco, a chartered psychologist, epidemiologist and Chief Scientist at Harper also comments on the new partnership: “I have had first-hand experience of going through the IVF process. It is an area in which I am passionate about on a professional and personal level. We look forward to working alongside Harley Street Fertility Clinic, to complement the excellent IVF program that they already provide”.


To accompany the coaching, bespoke guidance is delivered through weekly plans, which are proven to boost wellness before, during and after each IVF cycle. To take advantage of Harper’s services, patients have to be registered with us.


Harley Street Fertility Clinic is excited to bring the expertise of the Harper Team to our clinic to help nurture and enrich the well-being and support that we can offer to our patients.


To take advantage of this amazing offer, please speak to our team today.