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November 23, 2020

Introducing Susan Hepburn, hypnotherapist at HSFC



We are delighted to welcome to our HSFC family Susan Hepburn, a highly acclaimed, accredited and established hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. Susan is also an accomplished author, backed by over 30 years experience in her specific fields.


Susan is known for her authority on weight loss, eating disorders, insomnia, addictions.  Susan also works with couples, relationship issues, anxiety and stress management and other areas.


Susan is also known for helping clients undergoing IVF treatments and all manner of fertility issues.


Susan says,  “the most used comment I hear with anyone undergoing fertility treatment is, ‘IVF won’t work’,   This is where my treatment comes into play, to simply change the mindset, to do a complete switch … to really believe that you ‘will‘ become pregnant and not ‘if”.  Susan works tirelessly and achieves results by remarkable perception. As Susan says, “I work with the whole person and not just one aspect in order to achieve the desired results “ .“It’s all in the mind“ says Susan, with her unique approach. She works on your ‘storyline’ in order to see the bigger picture and offers a calm, reassuring approach with emotional support and inspires confidence in success.


Susan’s motto always is,  ‘To fail is not an option’ … she doesn’t boast, she simply believes it’s going to work and it does.

For appointments: 0207 487 5200



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