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February 11, 2022

Our family: Assured Fertility

100% Refund and Multi-Cycle IVF Plans


One of the challenges that our patients encounter in their fertility journey is the financial impact on their lives. It is known that IVF does not come cheap, but it is worth it when, at the end of the journey, a baby is born. In the unfortunate event when there is no baby at the end of the journey, the heartache doubles when new financial challenges arise with the prospect of another IVF cycle.


We are delighted to have partnered with and welcome to our HSFC family, Assured Fertility who offer a few options for IVF refund.


Nick Montague founded Assured Fertility almost 4 years ago with his business partner, William Harrison. Nick says that, “for patients, the clinics’ treatment plan is sometimes confusing. When I came into this business a few years ago, I had the same problem because there’s lots of acronyms and words I didn’t understand. Sometimes the patients don’t know what part of the treatment they need, so our mission is to make it simple and clearer for them. Which is why we put together these plans to help patients financially.” Nick says that his partner William, who specialises in finance in the healthcare sector, wanted to give patients 100% refund in case of no success, and a guarantee.


Assured Fertility offer 2 different plans in partnership with HSFC:


The Assured 100% refund plan.


This package includes an IVF cycle and upto of 3 embryo transfers, medication, scans, consultations etc. The plan doesn't include add-ons such as endometrial scratch. “We define success as a live birth, not a clinical pregnancy. If the patient does not achieve success, so if the patients didn’t achieve a live birth, then we will refund the money. The patient needs to complete three transfers to be eligible for 100% of their money back, if they have less than 3 transfers and don’t succeed, we will refund what they have paid less the price of the treatment so they don't lose anything.”


Assured Multi-Cycle Plans which include all embryo transfers.


There are two versions, the standard multicycle which has no refund, and the Assured Multi Cycle Plus Plan which includes a refund for early success. is, The multi cycle offers a significant discount in comparison to paying the clinic directly for the same amount of treatment




Why would patients come to Assured Fertility?


Nick says that, “Patients come to Assured Fertility because we provide a great service to them not only in terms of their initial enquiry, but all the way though their journey. We have a great team of people in office who are very experienced and they keep in touch with the patients  during their treatment. Patients like to talk to the team about what's going on, ask questions. and it works very well in harmony with the clinics. Like a family. The patient talks to us as well as the clinic and we are very close to clinics. So we get to know the team in the clinics as well. So that's what we do.”


If you decide to take advantage of one of Assured Fertility’s IVF plans, you will probably meet Holly Scott, Patient and Clinic Liaison Manager. Holly has worked in the fertility industry for over 10 years and joined Assured Fertility over 4 years ago. “I bring to Assured the fact that I had dealt directly with patients in clinics and saw them through their journey, when I speak with the patients we don’t just provide a plan, we go through the process and through the pathway with them. I am honoured to be part of  people’s journey and we try to make this  journey as easy as possible because we know that it’s such an emotional, time-consuming, draining thing for people to go through. That’s why we do what we do here.”


Holly says they are a small team too, “a small family. Each patient is so different – some want their hand held and need reassurance, some other just want to know about the plans and costs and are happy to go on their own. We can answer questions, we would never answer clinical questions, but we can tell them what the journey will look like”.


Dr Suvir Venkataraman, General Manager Harley Street Fertility Clinic, declared about the new partnership, “I am delighted to welcome Assured Fertility to our HSFC family. We are proud of our similar approaches of offering our patients a fantastic service, which include transparent prices with no hidden costs, and a warm and carrying approach to their rather challenging journey. We are hoping to celebrate the birth of many babies as a result of our partnership.”


For more information about IVF packages, please visit Assured Fertility’s website