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July 29, 2021

Maya, the embryologist with her own miracle

We have been privileged to help create thousands of babies over the past 10 years. We are in awe when we see the babies brought to the clinic by their parents, to be shown to everyone – we remember the egg collection, the embryos, the implantation being successful, the pregnancy news, and the birth...



Behind every IVF success story, there is a lot of work. Sometimes there is pain, sometimes there is joy. One thing is certain. Every IVF journey starts with the first step. Every step of your IVF journey has us, the HSFC family, our fantastic team. There is world class science, medicine and love, combined to create miracles.



We are family, and today we have some happy news to share with you.  Maya, one of our embryologists, is now a mother. Maya’s baby is “home-made” as she confessed. Her name is Emma. Mother and baby are doing well.



Please join us in wishing Maya and her husband heartfelt congratulations on the birth of their baby. May the baby have a long, happy and healthy life – and maybe follow in her mother’s steps? We will be hiring in 25 years…



Congratulations to the new family, we are looking forward to seeing baby Emma soon!