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January 10, 2022

Nicola Manashe nominated for “The most inspiring mama" award

We are delighted to announce our IVF warrior Nicola Manashe has been nominated for the GLOMAMA Awards, “the worlds first people’s choice awards celebrating the achievements of mothers on social media, the “Baftas” for mothers.” GLOMAMA Awards are designed for people who inspire others through their social media posts.



Nicola Manashe, along with her fiancée Alex Reid, are miscarriage and infertility ambassadors. They were blogging their IVF journey with Harley Street Fertility Clinic, raising awareness of the challenges of an IVF journey. With Harley Street Fertility Clinic’s help, Nicola and Alex are now the proud parents of baby Anastasia Pixie Reid.



About the awards, Alex declared: “I am so honoured and happy that my fiancé Nicola Manashe has been put up for an award for the best mama by the Glomama awards. We both had lots of trials and tribulations to making our beautiful little Anastasia who is now 6 months old and Nikki has a blog and she’s been sharing it publicly, helping lots of other mothers. She’s got a whole community of people now that she gives advice to, and that makes me very proud. So please vote and support Nicola Manashe. Lots of love, Alexander Reid and baby Anastasia”



Nicola, about her nomination: “One day I was going through my messages on Instagram, and I came across a message saying that I was nominated as an inspirational mama, and honestly, I was so taken back, I can’t believe the general public has even thought of the little old me. I am up against some incredible mothers that I have the upmost respect for and I am a bit shocked that I’ve been chosen. As I am talking now I am a bit flabbergasted by it all to be honest and I’ve only just found out I’ve gone through the next round”.



Nicola humbly said, “all I’ve done was share my journey, starting with little posts on Instagram, about my miscarriages and treatments, as a way of release and comfort  and through that I met some incredible women, women like me who miscarried, women who’ve gone through treatment that haven’t worked, and from that I helped women and put them in the right direction with the Harley Street Fertility Clinic.”



Nicola even set up a WhatsApp group to help other women through their fertility journey, and she admits that “every single person in that group has got pregnant and we’ve all got babies now, one lady is now pregnant and her baby is due in the summer. How incredible is that! That’s an amazing achievement in itself.”



Nicola finishes her statement adding that “I just wanted to say a massive Thank you! to whoever has voted for me, I will keep blogging and sharing and talking about Harley Street Fertility Clinic, the Incredible Dr Venkat, and helping people when it comes to nutrition, mental wellbeing, and everything in between. So again, whoever is listening to this and voted for me, thank you so so so much, it means absolutely everything.”



Baby Anastasia, through dad Alex, said “Vote for my Mummy!”


To vote, please follow this link:


The voting closes on Sunday 16th January.