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February 8, 2021

Offering you the gift of life this Valentine’s Day

“We are delighted to announce our immediate availability of donor eggs”

Dr Venkat, Harley Street Fertility Clinic


To become a parent, sometimes our patients explore the idea of using an egg donor. The reasons for doing so are so diverse, from wanting a child as a single person to same-sex couples who might not be able to have a child otherwise. Sometimes couples struggle to conceive naturally and considering another option such as using someone else’s eggs can be life-changing.


The shortage of egg donors in the UK is well known. At our clinic, we are fortunate and very touched by all the donors who came forward to donate their eggs.


Dr. Geetha Venkat at the Harley Street Fertility Clinic says: “We are absolutely delighted to announce our immediate availability of eggs. Egg donation is a touching and amazing gesture of goodwill. We see many women who cannot conceive using their own eggs, and being able to help them through someone else’s generosity and kindness is simply amazing,” comments Dr. Venkat.


The egg donors are carefully selected. They should be young (between 18 and 35), non-smoker, healthy, and not have any inherited diseases. To make an informed decision, donors are given all the information and advice they need. They have to be tested and see counselors.


There is no typical profile of an egg donor. Sometimes they are women in their 30s who had babies and now want to help other women conceive. Sometimes they are young women in their 20s who don’t want children and don’t want their eggs to be lost. Or women who simply want to give the gift of life to other women who are struggling to conceive.


We are grateful to all the fantastic women who came forward and donated their eggs, hoping to help other women have their families. Thank you!


To take advantage of this amazing gift, or for more information please get in touch with the donor team at Harley Street Fertility Clinic.