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April 21, 2021

On Admin Professionals Day – a shout out to our amazing team!


22 April is Admin Professionals Day. It’s a day celebrated in the States, a day that we are eager to embrace and bring into the UK.

We are a fertility clinic with proven amazing clinical expertise and outstanding patient support. Our clinical team, from the nurses to embryologists and consultants are all amazing. “Behind the scenes” we have our awesome administrative team who manage essential tasks, like answering the phone to book your appointment, emailing patients with information, talking to patients and explaining different treatments and financial options, and so much more.

Every day, every single member of our admin team helps numerous patient, by supporting our clinicians, nurses and embryologists.


So here is a shoutout to our amazing team:

- Bijal and Carina, our Patients Coordinators: knowledgeable, friendly, empathetic;

- Dharshi, Head of Patient support, who manages the patient support team while also running the egg and sperm donation programmes;

- Zack, our records clerk, who runs up and down the stairs, every day, to help get our team the information they need;

- Our Reception team: Lakshiska, Stephen and Sylwia. Professional at all times, our reception team are also warm, understanding, caring, human. They have even “babysat” our patients’ older children while they had appointments.

- The amazing Joana, Head of Reception, who knows every patient, and who makes sure the team under her supervision is well organised.

We started this blog by saying that we embrace this day as Admin Professionals Day, a day observed in America that celebrates our colleagues who work in Admin.

But then we decided to not have only one day. Our amazing admin professionals have to be celebrated every single day, for the hard work they do every day, behind the scenes, supporting in the best way our consultants, nurses, embryologists, counsellors or acupuncturists.

We welcome you to our clinic – who will you meet today?

Pictured are (L-R): Stephen, Joana, Zack.