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September 30, 2020

Our family: Carina, Patient Coordinator HSFC



“At HSFC everyone is so passionate about helping people! I really love that we are all so committed to each patient”



When calling our clinic as a new or existing patient, one of the first people to talk to is Carina, one of our Patient Coordinators.  Friendly and helpful, she was recently described by one of our patient as “Simple brilliant! She was so attentive, organised and reliable.”


We would like to tell you more about our one and only Carina.



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Who is Carina Obrega?


Carina was born in Madeira, Portugal and moved to the UK when she was really young. “I speak and understand Portuguese and so I try to go back and visit as much as possible,” says Carina. She went to university in London, where she studied Media and Cultural studies. Before joining HSFC, she worked in events for about 4 years.




Joining the HSFC family


Carina was motivated to start looking into and learning about the fertility world thanks to her family and friends. “As I have gotten older, I’ve witnessed friends and family members encounter fertility issues,” says Carina. “I have always enjoyed getting to know new people and delivering personalised customer experience. So when I saw the role at HSFC I was really excited and I knew I wanted to go for it!” she continues.



HSFC as a family


When she researched HSFC, and she saw that it was one of the leading fertility clinics in London and importantly, it was a family-run clinic, she knew that this is where she wanted to go.  “We really do offer personalised care and it’s so nice to see that everyone is so passionate about helping patients and going the extra mile. I really love that we are all so committed to each patient and that is something I always try to convey when speaking with new patients.”


Patients undergoing fertility treatments may have concerns and queries that may need to be discussed with more team members, or require careful analysis from one of the fertility experts in the clinics. Carina confesses that she is always very honest and open with the patients who appreciate it. “If I don’t know the answer to something I will go off and find out and get back to them!”


Carina is passionate about helping patients on their fertility journey. “Sometimes just taking 5 minutes to ask someone how they are and listening can make a huge difference, especially for those who are considering fertility treatment or who are new to it all and perhaps don’t know where to start it can be a very daunting experience. I always try to make sure that patients feel comfortable and break down the information in the best way for them.”




Her time as a Patient Coordinator at HSFC


With the clinic for 10 months, Carina says that her time at HSFC “has been such an interesting and exciting learning curve. I am always learning something new every day.” Carina feels that everyone at the clinic is supportive and helpful when she has questions or needs advice.


“Not coming from a medical or fertility background means I can have a lot of questions. It’s great to work in an environment where everyone is so approachable!”


Carina finishes with a “huge thank you to everyone for all the support and guidance and for always answering my questions!”




Her colleagues love her!


Joana, Head of Reception: “Carina is a beloved member of the Harley Street Fertility Clinic family. I worked with her since she first joined the HSFC team. She is a really hard-working person, supportive, caring, with a great approach with our patients. I extremely appreciate her for trying to accommodate our patients’ needs although she is relatively new in her career as a Patient Coordinator. We are lucky to have Carina as part of our family as she is an asset for the clinic. I am happy to see her develop as part of HSFC family and I am happy to see her recognised in this way.”


Zack, Medical Records Clerk, HSFC : “I’ve been working with Carina for just over a year now, she is an amazing person to work with, always there when you need her the most, very professional in what she does.”


Dharshi, Head of Donation HSFC: “When I met Carina for her interview, I said to Suvir, our General Manager, ‘I really like her!”  He said to me to see how the other interviewees are, but in the end he said that it’s up to me – so thank you for letting me choose Carina. Carina, I am so proud of you! Carina is one of the people who guides the patients seeking for information about fertility and Carina has all the answers. If she doesn’t have the answer she tries to find the answer. She is a real go-getter.  Most of us have been furloughed, but not Carina. She worked and  kept the clinic running through the lockdown, and even now, you are still doing that. You were amazing, and even now you are still doing that, I am so proud of you being in my team and part of HSFC. Do your best as always!”


Suvir, General Manager HSFC: “Carina is a lovely person to work with. She is always warm and welcoming, remains calm even in difficult situations. She is fantastic at her job because she really ‘gets’ people, she is trying to understand what it is they are trying to overcome, and in this line of work, it’s very important, not only to answer people’s questions but also to understand their frustrations as they are on a very difficult journey. She is able to talk to people and figure that out.

I wish her all the best for her future within the company and help her grow.


When you are ready to start your fertility journey with Harley Street Fertility Clinic, please call us on 020 7436 6838 or email us on


You will most probably talk to our lovely, amazing, professional, warm and fantastic Patient Coordinator Carina! And you will know you are in good hands!