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June 2, 2022

Our family: Salve, The Digital Patient Engagement Platform

A fertility journey is not always straightforward, and patients are sometimes overwhelmed when navigating their way through it. To help our patients with this, we are delighted to announce Salve is joining the Harley Street Fertility Clinic Family. Salve is a digital patient engagement platform that provides patients with a digital companion that aims to help with administrative tasks for both clinics’ and patients’ sides.



Salve involves:

-Patient communication and education;

-Automation of admin tasks that staff face when managing the patient’s journey (e.g. sharing of documents).



Founded and developed by Ellen and Charlie in 2016, Salve was created out of “personal motivation,” as Charlie says. They both had friends and family who were going through fertility journeys themselves who described how hard it was for them to navigate it. The founders also had friends who worked in fertility clinics who were equally finding it difficult to manage patients.



To use the app, patients will need to download it, where they can find out more info about the clinic, success rates, and the team.



The Salve App is free to all Harley Street Fertility Clinic patients. Here are the ways this app supports patients:


-A personalised calendar displaying all patients’ appointments, medication regime (times and doses) and treatment schedule;

-Push notifications reminders about upcoming appointments, to take medications, ovulation tests and pregnancy tests;

-Educational videos of how to administer the injections, educational webinars about their subject of interest, patients’ stories and podcasts;

-Two-way document sharing, such as investigation results and consultation letters.

-The app has the facility of hosting the video consultation.



Charlie explains, “Patients can also see the lab test results through the lab, and soon be able to pay through the app. We are going to introduce the cryo-storage  functionality that will help both the clinic and the patients manage the storage and the billing side of things to reduce admin effort in the clinics, also an easy way for patients to engage with what they have in storage. They can communicate very easily with the clinic, e.g. if they want to come back for a frozen embryo transfer.”



Dr Suvir Venkataraman, General Manager HSFC, declares, “I am delighted to have partnered with Salve. This app will make our patients’ journey easier to manage, while they will find everything in one place. Key features include medication and appointment reminders, secure video calling, so no more fiddling with Zoom links, and secure document sharing, so no more searching emails. We are looking forward to using the app soon for all patients.”



The app will launch in June at a date to be announced.



We are looking forward to using the app. In the meantime, a warm “Welcome to the HSFC family” to Charlie, Ellen and Salve.