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May 8, 2021

Our family: The Enhanced Fertility Programme



We are delighted to welcome to our family a new partner, the Enhanced Fertility Programme.



Andreia Trigo, Founder EFP and fertility nurse consultant, was diagnosed with infertility at 17. She didn’t know at the time how to cope with “the loss of the dreams I hadn't had the chance to dream.” Andreia realised she wanted to work in the fertility area, becoming a fertility nurse. Andreia says, “I decided to touch my wound of infertility and grow beyond it, not run away from it anymore. I wanted to give back some of the tools I learnt along the way, as a nurse and as a patient.” This is how Enhanced Fertility Programme started, with a very passionate Andreia determined to put her skills in helping patients in their fertility journey.



Andreia says that “The Enhanced Fertility Programme is an exciting and revolutionary digital programme, making fertility education, support and care accessible to all patients. The more people are able to access trustworthy information, the more likely they are to achieve their dream of growing their family. My life mission.”



The programme consists of Online Courses, Fertility assessments (quiz),  Interventions and Mindfulness recordings, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy exercises, Monthly Support Groups and more.



The programme’s core values are to Educate, Transform, Access, Support, Inspire.



About the collaboration with the HSFC, Andreia says that “we collaborate with clinics who share the same mission to give the patients the best care and expertise, and HSFC fits with our mission perfectly. We want to give our patients access to the clinic that best supports them, clinically and emotionally throughout their journey.”


We would like to extend a warm welcome to Andreia and the team to our HSFC family. We are looking forward to a long and fruitful collaboration, for the benefit of our patients.


To read more about Andreia and the EFP, please follow the link below: