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September 7, 2021

Parents-to-be to be given the right to freeze their eggs and sperm for up to 55 years

“Turning off the ticking clock”



Prospective parents will be delighted to know that they will be able to store frozen eggs and sperm up to 55 years, as announced by the health secretary Sajid Javid.


Under the current legislation, unused material will have to be destroyed after 10 years in storage. The change in law reflects the newest technique used, the vitrification method, which preserves the eggs and sperm without affecting their quality.


“The current storage arrangements can be severely restrictive for those making the important decision about when to start a family, and this new legislation will help turn off the ticking clock in the back of people’s minds,” said Mr Javid.


Dr Venkat, Director and Senior Consultant HSFC said, “I am thrilled with the news. It gives prospective parents the right to choose when to have a family, not being under pressure to have a family withing the restrictive 10-years limit. The quality of eggs and sperm decrease with age, so freezing them when people are young and keeping them for when they are ready makes perfect sense.”


It is not know when the change will take effect from.


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