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September 6, 2021

September - Back to school


September, among other beautiful things, means the children are back to school.


We are delighted to keep in touch with our patients who keep us informed about their children growing up, children who are (and always will be!) our babies.


One of our former patients sent us a few pictures with Florence and Caspian.


“Florence turned 5 and Caspian 2 this summer. She’s lost two teeth and is growing too fast. Can you slow it down please???  After an eventful summer, we are all so ready for the new school year! Shine bright!”

Wishing Florence a great academic year, to make lots of friends and to shine bright like the little star as she is 😊


By the look on Caspian’s face, he is delighted to see his sister off to school (and have mama all for himself!)


Good luck to all the babies who go to school and their parents who will miss them terribly.