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July 18, 2022

South Asian Heritage Month: 18th July - 17th August

Celebrate : Commemorate: Educate


South Asian Heritage month has been celebrated since 2020 and seeks to celebrate south Asian cultures, histories and communities. The aims of the month are to better understand the diversity that continues to link the UK and South Asia.


To celebrate South Asian Heritage Month, Harley Street Fertility Clinic are hosting a webinar discussing how women of South Asian heritage are often disproportionally affected by infertility. In this webinar we will examine environmental factors, such as diets as well as how and different cultures metabolise estrogen and how these can all affect fertility.


As a clinic, HSFC, pride ourselves in being inclusive of all cultures and backgrounds. We don’t discriminate and accept everyone as they are. We also accept that everyone is different and thus need personalised and individual treatment plans to help achieve the family they have always dreamed of.


If you would like to know more about south Asian heritage month, or events that are being hosted near to you, visit:


If you would like to register for our webinar ‘Ethnicity and Fertility (South Asian Fertility)’, click this link.