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4 December 2023

Uterine health, an important factor when trying to conceive

In the intricate journey of fertility, the well-being of the uterus emerges as a crucial factor for a successful conception. At Harley Street Fertility Clinic, we believe it’s very important to assess and address women's health before trying to conceive.

Through comprehensive fertility tests and investigations, our fertility experts tailor treatments to target specific impediments that may hinder the path to conception. Too often, fertility clinics will adopt a low cost and baseline treatment pathway that and as a result patients have to endure multiple attempts at an emotional and financial cost.

Critical to successful embryo implantation and pregnancy are factors associated with the uterus. An imbalance in the microbial and bacterial environment of the womb lining can significantly impact fertility. Let's explore how these factors can influence your ability to conceive.


EMMA and ALICE tests: Navigating endometrial challenges

For women suffering with PCOS, recurrent miscarriages, and failed embryo transfers, there are tests that address these conditions. ALICE and EMMA tests play a crucial role in the journey to conception by providing essential insights to optimize the health of the endometrium for a successful pregnancy.

Bacteria responsible for chronic endometriosis can be pinpointed by the ALICE test, or Analysis of Infectious Chronic Endometriosis.

Meanwhile, the EMMA test, or Endometrial Microbiome Metagenomic Analysis, explores the womb lining and its micro-biological environment.

With EMMA and ALICE tests, fertility experts can identify specific issues and create individualized treatment pathway, optimizing the chances of a successful pregnancy.


ERA Test: Optimal Uterine receptivity through precision timing

To enhance the likelihood of successful embryo implantation and, subsequently, a healthy pregnancy, it is very important to know the most receptive window for implantation. This can be achieved by using the Endometrial Receptivity Analysis (ERA) test, that allows our experts to pinpoint the precise window for embryo transfer by analyzing molecular aspects of endometrial tissue.

EndomeTRIO: A comprehensive approach

At the heart of uterine diagnostic offerings lies the EndomeTRIO tests – a comprehensive suite that includes ALICE, EMMA, and ERA tests. This holistic approach provides crucial insights into uterine receptivity, offering a panoramic view of the factors influencing a successful embryo implantation.

By meticulously assessing uterine health, fertility experts can craft a personalized treatment plan, optimizing the chances of success on your path to parenthood.

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