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29 September 2023

Welcome to the world, baby Estella!

We are delighted to announce baby Estella graced the world with her presence, safe and well.


Baby Estella’s parents, Anna and Josh, wrote to us to announce their precious baby’s arrival.


I hope you are well. We just wanted to let you know that our baby girl Estella arrived on Monday safe and well! Thank you so much for helping us get here, we are extremely grateful! Anna, Josh and baby Estella

 Anna and Josh’s fertility journey journey began with determination and hope, as they sought our assistance in fulfilling their dream of parenthood. Through the dedicated care and expertise of our fertility specialists, Anna and Josh's path led them to the remarkable moment they had been eagerly awaiting, becoming parents.

Wishing baby Estella a long, healthy and happy life, and congratulations to the new parents.

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