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29 June 2023

Welcome to the world, baby Lucy!

We are delighted when we hear of another IVF baby born. Today we welcome baby Lucy. Her mum wrote us the wonderful email below:

“I am so grateful for the support and help of everyone at the HSFC who supported our journey. We faced many challenges along the way but nobody gave up and we are so pleased to have been able to successfully welcome our little girl Lucy into the world. She is an absolute delight, full of smiles and so excited to meet everyone she joined us 3 weeks early. She is absolutely perfect, life at home has changed for the better and we have settled well into being a family of 3, a sentence we didn’t think we would ever say. I would admit it wasn’t an easy journey, IVF is a challenging process emotionally and physically, but all the staff at HSFC were there whenever you needed them and met you every day full of smiles and joy. Lucy is a dream we always wanted and I am so grateful that now it is actually a reality. We love her and can’t wait for our house to be full of child laughter as she grows. Our family is complete.”

Congratulations to the new parents and to our team who made their dream come true. Welcome to the world, baby Lucy! May your life be filled with love, good health, laughter, and amazing opportunities.

If you’d like to start your fertility journey with us, why not give our friendly team a call? We would love to help you fulfill your dream of becoming a parent.