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August 25, 2022

Baby Reid number 2 (or 2&3!)

Our IVF warriors (and beloved HSFC family members) Nicola Manashe and Alex Reid have begun their journey to baby Reid number 2…or maybe 2 & 3!


Fertility Influencer and IVF warrior Nicola has written a beautiful blog to update her followers about her second fertility journey with HSFC. Although Nicola was due to start this IVF cycle in August, a mix of unfortunate events (both baby Anastasia and Nicola were ill), the cycle had to be delayed.

Disappointed, but as focused as ever, Nicola returned to the clinic when everyone was better. However, this time, there was another delay in Nicola’s journey. “The scans had shown that my womb lining was uneven and too thick for me to have embryos transferred,” says Nicola.

We shouldn’t conclude this blog without quoting Nicola: “I was stressing [but] I am so lucky that I have a clinic that gives you that extra bit of security. Even if it’s just a WhatsApp message, a phone call, I know that Rachel the Head Nurse or my very special fairy godmother Dr Venkat was by my side, making sure I was safe and recovering, ready for the next hurdle to fight together as a team.”