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January 14, 2019

Eilidh's Story: Francis, "the miracle baby"

"We had been trying to start a family for around five years and although there were a lot of difficulties and disappointments, we never lost hope. Going through fertility treatment can be exhausting both physically and emotionally but we were delighted and reassured by the supportive and organised manner in which we were treated by everyone we met at the Harley Street Fertility Clinic.


Due to the intimate and sensitive nature of fertility treatment, we felt it was important to find a clinic where the staff were personable and catered to us as individuals. Dr Venkat and her wonderful team at the Harley Street Fertility Clinic tried very hard to help us, even though our journey was a long one.


After a lot of tests and failed cycles, our optimism was beginning to wear. However, when I found out I had fallen pregnant I couldn’t quite believe it was real. Although we had both been through so much, it wasn’t until I finally became a mother to a beautiful, healthy baby boy (born on 1st January 2016) that it felt “real”.



We can safely say that after five years of treatment – and now that we have our gorgeous baby boy – it was all completely worth it and we are so grateful for all the support, advice and care we received from Dr Venkat and the Harley Street Fertility Clinic."



After 4 more years, Eilidh has another story to tell. If you would like to know what Eilidh's family looks like, and her amazing story, please click below: