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January 14, 2019

Fertility Preservation

One of the treatments offered at the clinic is egg freezing in order to preserve fertility. SB (wishes to remain anonymous) is a 37-year-old who lives in London. Despite coming out of a long term relationship, she still hopes that one day she will conceive children naturally.

“However, I am aware that my fertility is declining,” she said, “I want to conceive naturally but the decision to freeze my eggs now is an investment policy if you like. It gives me a safety net and really takes the pressure off and allows me to have peace of mind.”

After hearing about egg freezing, SB decided to visit her GP and was recommended Harley Street Fertility Clinic. She went on to do some further research and attended one of the HSFC monthly open evenings where she spoke to Dr Venkat. She decided to go ahead and had the treatment in November 2014.

SB said: “Dr Venkat was wonderful and incredibly helpful. She took me through my whole treatment and set the appointments around my hours of work. I only had to have one day off for the procedure itself.

“One of the things that stood out for me about the clinic was that they were not only technically brilliant, but were emotionally supportive as well. They recognised the emotional impact that these treatments can have and addressed it, which I think is sometimes overlooked elsewhere.”