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June 11, 2020

Our Family: baby Hope

"All I ever wanted!"



We are delighted to welcome to our family baby Hope! Our wonderful patient Daisy, who went through a rather difficult time dealing with endometriosis, has now become a mother!

Daisy named her baby Hope, a name that will remind Daisy of what kept her going through her battle with endometriosis.

Daisy wrote on her Instagram post, introducing baby Hope: “The best day of my life when I became your mummy. I’d love to introduce my beautiful daughter Hope, weighing 8lb 11oz, very healthy & is perfect in every way." #grateful #babygirl #welcometotheworldbabygirl #solomum #spermdonor #ivfjourney #ivfpregnancy #alliveeverwanted #soinlove #hsfc


Congratulations Mummy, and welcome to the world, baby Hope!



Lots of love from all of us,



To read Daisy's inspirational story on battling endometriosis and her dream of becoming a mother, please click here.