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July 28, 2022

Our beautiful Magda and her baby bump

We love following our patients' fertility journey, and today is our IVF warrior Magda's turn.



When we first introduced you to Magda, she finished her fertility check-ups, wondering about the next steps (read her blog here). After an egg collection and a first ovarian stimulation, Magda and her partner ended up having no eggs to transfer, which was “devastating and very difficult to accept.”


Magda and her partner chose to take the egg donation route, and after meeting Dharshi, the egg donor coordinator, who advised about the steps involved, they decided to use HSFC's own egg bank. To read about Magda's fertility journey, including a very emotional phone call received from the clinic, please visit this page.


Update 28th July 2022


Magda wrote on her Instagram account:

"This is what #14weekspregnant looks like. Being #plussize means I started showing quite early on. Changing body, extra pounds that have piled on when you’re a ‘big girl’ can be terrifying and very difficult to embrace but I’m starting fall back in love with my body. A body that was able to get pregnant and carry a healthy pregnancy so far. This little one is safe in there and growing perfectly. How can I not love every single second of this process?! 🥰🙏🏼"


Wishing Magda a very healthy and happy rest of her pregnancy.


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