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October 29, 2020

Our Family: Alex on the next steps of their IVF journey


“I have got a good woman, and I love her very dearly. Baby Reid will be here soon, thanks to the Harley Street Fertility Clinic”




The last time we spoke with Alex was at the beginning of the lockdown. Seven months later, he tells us about his and fiancée Nicola’s IVF treatment and the continuation of their exciting journey with us.


The impact of lockdown on Alex and Nicola’s IVF plan

Alex admits lockdown had a significant impact on his and Nicola's journey, even though their IVF treatment was only temporarily stopped. He said: “it’s been tough. It’s an unsure time in today’s world, and [this has] caused everybody to feel worried and stressed. One of the toughest times in my entire life.”

Alex admits that “IVF, unfortunately, hasn’t been at the forefront of my attention. Indirectly it is every single day, because I am reminded of it by Nicola, because of her journey.”



Alex’s "supporting" role in the couple’s fertility journey

The couple have faced their fair share of struggles over the course of their IVF treatment - now, due to Nicola having a low immune system, Alex has not been allowed to live with her for the last five months. All he can do is support her from afar as best as he can.

“It sounds like I am being lazy and taking a back seat, but I'm not.  I am not the one to inject myself and put any drugs in my body and to have hormonal changes, but to some degree, I am in the firing line. We love each other dearly, and I support her wholeheartedly, but I am sure that [other partners would agree] these hormones are not the most pleasant ones.”

lex says he sees himself and Nicola as equals, on this journey together, no matter how far they may currently be apart. "We are on the same mission, we want the same outcome.  We are on the same team, so we should support each other. I know she loves me and she cares about me. I know she would be the best mother. She is a good woman, we have our arguments, but I know, in my heart and my soul, that she is a good woman."


Staying positive despite potential setbacks

Alex reveals that his fiancée Nicola is extremely vulnerable due to her low immune system (hence the five-month isolation). He also tells us that she has been worried about her fertility treatment and whether or not it will be successful.

“There are so many factors with IVF...  even with all the great science in the world… you still might not have a baby.”

Alex reminds everyone that there is power in positivity: “I believe in [positivity], and I try to instill that in Nicola. The power of placebo. If you think it will work, it will. Nicola can be very worried about things and I try to play it down. When the child falls down, if you mollycoddle the child too much, the child starts crying. It’s not tough love, it’s love.”

He added: “it’s a very tricky time. We are about to bring a life into this world, let’s focus on positive thinking.”



Fertility clinics reopening

The fertility clinics reopened in June, but unfortunately Nicola and Alex’s IVF journey couldn’t resume. Alex reiterates his belief in positive thinking, telling us: “we are going to have a child, regardless. It’s going to happen soon. There is a part of me who says ‘time waits for no one.’ I want to be young, fit and strong. I am getting older, I want to have a child as soon as possible. That’s the only concern I have.”



What's next?

Alex says: “Nicola is in isolation alone. We are not allowed to be with anybody.” He tells us that if another lockdown happens, the couple will try to isolate together. He is also self-conscious about the material side of bringing a baby into the world.

“We have business interests, we have to have a living and provide for baby Reid. We make baby Reid, so we have to provide for baby Reid.”

Alex and his fiancée are focusing on the future, and the life they will bring into this world together.


A beautiful message

At the end of his interview, Alex concludes: “we are on the same team and I am cheering her on, but she has the final leg of the journey. She will pass the finishing line, and we will have baby Reid. The celebration is winning the race.”

“Baby Reid will be here, especially with the help of the Harley Street Fertility Clinic. Thank you guys, I really appreciate all of your help!”