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June 18, 2021

Our family: Alex Reid on Father’s Day

“I am hopeful and happy this Father’s Day”




The Father’s Day is fast approaching and for new fathers and fathers-to-be, this will be a day to remember.

Alex Reid and Nicola Manashe started their fertility journey with HSFC and the end of 2019, and now they are less than one month away from welcoming their first child together.

We asked Alex about his feelings on “Father’s Day 2021” and his reply was nothing short of wonder. “It’s nearly Father’s Day again – wow! This year I am looking forward to it because I am going to be a daddy again. Very soon my fiancée Nicola is going to pop a mini-Reid. It’s scary but also blooming exciting.”

Following a long fertility journey, Alex confesses that the reality of having a baby soon started to sink in. “It’s very real, I see Nicola’s bump and I see movements from the bump and see a mini-Reid moving in Nicola’s tummy and I am like oh my goodness, this is my little person, and it’s crazy but instantly smile and feel happy.”


“I always thought that dads are big and tough, but my father taught me to be kind.”

Alex remembers his father on Father’s Day. “My father, Bob Reid, was such a loving, caring man. On his deathbed, I asked him what his number 1 quality was and he said kindness, be kind. He was an ex-paratrooper, champion, and boxer in the army, being in the war, but he was a peaceful, loving man.

I always thought that dads are big and tough, but one thing that he taught me was to be kind, such a great quality.”

Alex Reid has a foundation named after his father, to help parents through family court. “There’s a lot of sadness behind it. But what a better way to do it than under the name of such loving man, Bob Reid. Let’s do some good!” says Alex.

About the future, Alex says, “I know we are going to be such good parents. Nicola is worried about being a good mum but she is so caring, she is just going to be natural. As scary as it might be for anyone, I have to much care and love. My mini-chihuahua , Lola, is going to have a little sister very soon.

So Father’s Day is going to be really happy this year. So…Hopeful and Happy this Father’s Day.”

Wishing Alex a wonderful Father(-to-be)’s Day and we are looking forward to catching up with him next year. Although Nicola and Alex reached the end of their fertility journey with HSFC, they will always be part of the HSFC family.


Listen to Alex's podcast below.