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December 10, 2020

Our Family: Baby Aarika - "Dr Venkat is like a God to us"

All of our patients deeply wish to have a baby, but for a number of different reasons, some can't fulfil their dream naturally. Understanding this can be difficult, and for some patients, it can even take years to come to terms with the fact that outside help is needed to begin their fertility journey.


However, help and support are always available at Harley Street Fertility Clinic. While this is not always the case, sometimes it takes just one procedure for a pregnancy to be confirmed and for the baby to arrive nine months later!


When our patients send us news of their baby's arrival, and we see pictures of the babies, it brings so much joy to the staff at the clinic. We all remember our first encounter with that patient, their appointments, and the highs and lows of their fertility journey. Of course, the story is brought to a wonderful conclusion with the arrival of the baby.


Today's post is about Janani, her husband and their beautiful daughter Aarika. They joined me in a telephone conversation to discuss their fertility journey.


 To listen to the podcast, please click below.



Finding Harley Street Fertility Clinic

Janani and her husband Ragunesan were married for ten years before realising that a baby was not going to come naturally. They decided to search for a fertility clinic, and HSFC was the first to be recommended to them in 2016. However, their parents convinced them to try IVF treatment in their home country of Sri Lanka first rather than having treatment in the UK - but after being unsuccessful in Sri Lanka, they came to HSFC to try.


"The problem seemed to be with the fallopian tubes," says Janani's husband, Ragunesan (at this point, baby Aarika joined the conversation and her proud dad asked her if she wanted to be in our podcast! Famous at just three weeks old!).



The procedure and HSFC experience

Janani had IVF treatment with us, and it worked the first time, despite the problems with her fallopian tubes. Speaking about this, Janani says Aarika was "meant to be here". Janani's husband tells me that the experience with HSFC was superb. "They did a very good job. I sent my friend to you, because they wanted to have a baby, so we encouraged them to see Dr Venkat."


When I mentioned that one might view Harley Street Fertility Clinic as an extended family, Ragunesan agreed and mentioned some of our outstanding staff: "send my thanks to Rachael and Margherita, and all of reception, they did a good job." When asked about Dr Venkat, Dad simply said: "Dr Venkat is like a God to us."



The New Family

Baby Aarika arrived by C-section, and is now safely at home with her parents, settling into her new environment. It's going so well, that Janani and Ragunesan are even thinking about having a sibling for Aarika in the future. Janani assures us "not just yet!" though - it has only been three weeks since baby Aarika's arrival!




A message for other couples

Janani and Ragunesan expressed their desire to come and see everyone at the clinic, but of course, now might not be the best time due to the pandemic. We look forward to seeing them all soon, to witness just what love (and a little science) can create: a miracle.  In the meantime, we have a little recording with them introducing Dr Venkat to baby Aarika.


"Good luck to everyone. I recommended one of my friends to come and see you at HSFC, and now they're pregnant too!"


'Aarika' means 'beautiful' and is also associated with the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity. We are so happy to welcome another 'beautiful' flower in the HSFC garden.


Congratulations to the new family! We wish baby Aarika a long, healthy and happy life.



If you are thinking of growing your family and would like to start your fertility journey, please get in touch with us.