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18 October 2023

"Harley Street Fertility Clinic was our last hope!"

A journey of hope and perseverance: Ina and Andrei's path to parenthood



One morning, we had the privilege of speaking with Ina and Andrei, a charming couple whose daughter, baby Andreea, was peacefully asleep. Their journey to parenthood was marked by resilience, hope and unwavering trust in Harley Street and Dr Venkat.



A difficult fertility journey

Ina and Andrei, who have been married for a decade, decided to start their journey towards parenthood. However, after two years of trying, they faced disappointment. Ina recounts, "Nothing happened." The couple underwent numerous tests and check-ups, ultimately leading them to consider IVF.


Their first round of fresh embryo transfer, funded by the NHS, brought them joy with a positive pregnancy test, but it was followed by a heart-wrenching miscarriage at just five weeks. No explanation was offered for this devastating loss.


Unfortunately, their story repeated itself a year later during their next embryo transfer. Once again, there was no explanation or further testing provided. Ina recalls, "We were told, ‘Guys, you are very young, you will have kids, don’t worry!’ but, again, nothing happened." Despite the first two rounds being without charge, they had to pay for their next IVF cycle through the NHS, which was a frozen embryo transfer. Unfortunately, the outcome remained the same, resulting in a third miscarriage.


Ina revealed that their embryos were never genetically tested, as this option was not presented by their clinic. She explained, "We were told all 4 embryos were healthy, but they haven’t been tested.”


A glimmer of hope

Ina and Andrei's friends recommended exploring private fertility clinics for their next attempt. Acknowledging the financial strain, Ina said, "The prices of IVF are not cheap," but they decided on the Harley Street Fertility Clinic due to its exceptional reviews.


When choosing Harley Street Fertility Clinic Ina also admitted of being influenced by other successful stories of other IVF warriors on Instagram, including patients Magda and Nicola, who were raising awareness about fertility issues.


Ina booked an appointment with Dr.Venkat at Harley Street, but their treatment was initially postponed due to pandemic-related clinic closures.


A comprehensive approach

Given Ina's history of miscarriages, Dr. Venkat recommended thorough fertility checks for both Ina and Andrei. This marked an important difference in their journey compared to previous treatments.


Ina noticed a significant contrast in her IVF treatment at Harley Street. She explained that, in all three previous treatments, the same medication and protocol had been offered. However, at Harley Street, their approach was different, personalised for them. Ina's IVF transfer was delayed while various tests were conducted to ensure her body was optimally prepared for successful embryo implantation and pregnancy.


The results of these fertility tests finally provided an explanation: Ina had NK Cells that contributed to her previous miscarriages. Armed with this knowledge, the couple decided to start the process anew, including egg collection and embryos. To their surprise, they had only four embryos, with only one surviving. They were offered further tests to optimize their chances.


The long-awaited reward

Ina praised Dr. Venkat's expertise and personalized care, saying, "Dr. Venkat was so good – she knew from the beginning, right away, what’s best for me. And it showed, I carried a baby full term and delivered, our beautiful daughter Andreea.”


Despite their initial disappointment with having only one embryo for transfer, Ina and Andrei knew it was their best chance, and it resulted in the birth of their beloved daughter, Andreea.


The journey's challenges

Reflecting on their journey, Ina admits that it was long and challenging. She recalled numerous setbacks and postponements due to medical issues such as the lining of her womb and polyps. Ina expressed gratitude for Dr. Venkat's unwavering support and expertise throughout the process, and said that “Dr Venkat didn’t want to leave anything to chance, and if there was something wrong, we didn’t just go ahead with the treatment, she wanted to correct it and made sure I am ready for the transfer.”


Ina believes that the hardest part if the journey was the emotional part. “The stress and the feeling of not knowing if it will work this time, or if I will end up with another miscarriage.” Andrei, Ina's husband, acknowledged that this journey was emotionally challenging for both of them. He shared the financial strain they endured but emphasized that it was all worth it when he saw their daughter's smile. “After so many years of trying, spending money, you stop believing. [Harley Street] was our last chance.” Andrei adds, “When I go home and see her smile, I know it’s all worth it.”


A lasting impression

Ina and Andrei firmly believe that going private with Harley Street Fertility Clinic was their best decision. They praised Dr. Venkat's dedication and passion for helping couples achieve their dream of having a child. Ina received specialised treatments like Intralipids and IVIg, which contributed to their success.


“Dr Venkat? Always there for us. Every time I was stressed, she was there.” Ina recalls, “I remember Dr Venkat saying, ‘Ina, you will have a baby. But you have to trust me.’ And I did.“Dr Venkat knows what she’s doing. So professional and caring. She found a way that worked for me. I was surprised because before I didn’t have that.”


After the previous traumatic and disappointing experiences, Ina and Andrei admit that “We didn’t have anything to believe in, and we said, let’s just try [with Harley Street], we never know!” And they were so glad they did.


A message of hope

Ina and Andrei's message to others facing similar challenges is one of unwavering hope and determination. They encourage couples to explore all options and not lose faith. Andrei jokingly advised saving money but earnestly encouraged perseverance.


Ina and Andrei's journey is a proof to the power of hope and the resilience of the human spirit. It’s also a testament of the importance of personalized care. If it’s thorough fertility tests, the PGT-A testing of embryos or add-on treatments, we make sure we leave no stone unturned. We believe there is always an option, and our approach does make a difference in people’s fertility journeys and successful outcomes.


We extend our heartfelt thanks to them for sharing their inspiring story and wish baby Andreea a joyful, healthy life. We hope to see them all at the clinic again soon.


If you would like to start your fertility journey with us, please contact us today.