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May 11, 2020

Our family: Baby George


“Dr Venkat made our life so very happy!”



A family of 3 visited us not long ago. Mother, father and a very handsome baby boy.



Listen to the mother, briefly telling us about her fertility journey:


[audio mp3=""][/audio]



When I went to greet them, they were waiting to see Dr Venkat, who was with another patient. They decided to pay us an impromptu visit and they said they didn’t mind waiting.



Dad is entertaining the baby while Mum is talking to us.



“We tried for 5 years to have a baby, before going to the GP. He recommended looking into fertility treatment. We then tried to have a baby with another clinic, using IVF. It failed 4 times. Finally, found HSFC on Google. IVF worked for us the very first time.”



Mum stops and looks at the baby who babbles and wriggles in Dad’s arms. She smiles and then carries on with her story.



“We have a healthy baby boy who is now 1 year old. Dr Venkat made our life so very happy. Every day we are so grateful to Dr Venkat for giving us our baby!”



I left them together, waiting patiently for Dr Venkat to come and see them, and give them a hug. They refused my offer of tea, coffee, or water. They had everything they needed, right there, in their arms. Baby George.



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To protect the Patient’s Confidentiality, the name of the patient was changed. Real baby George picture.