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February 22, 2021

Our Family: Lima


“I am not afraid of going through fertility treatment during the pandemic!”



Fertility treatment can be a magical yet daunting experience, but for many hopeful parents during the pandemic, it has been something different entirely. Some have found it overwhelming, confusing and disappointing, but for our patient Lima, it has been a dream come true! Lima is now 11 weeks pregnant, and in this blog, she tells us about her journey so far.



Starting the fertility journey

Lima started her fertility treatment with us in September 2020. After meeting Dr Venkat, Lima and her husband were invited for regular fertility check-ups and tests with HSFC. Her treatment involved IVF with donor eggs, coordinated by Dharshi. 



Choosing HSFC - Our multicultural fertility clinic

The interview with Lima began with her apologising for her English. “I am from Bangladesh and my first language is Bengali,” she said. We were quick to reassure her that at HSFC, language does not bring any difficulties - our clinic is known for its multicultural staff. Joana at reception is Greek/ Albanian, our Egg Donor Coordinator Dharshi is from Sri Lanka, Head Nurse Rachel is Australian... the list goes on. Our staff represent a whole range of countries and languages!

Lima always wanted two children, and had already had her first son sixteen years ago. We asked why she decided to go for a second child all these years later, and she simply replied that it was the right time. Lima’s son actually helped his parents search for the best fertility clinic!

“My husband told me to go to another clinic, but I said I want to go to Harley Street Fertility Clinic because it’s the best in the world. Now I am 11 weeks pregnant and so happy.”



The treatment and Dr Venkat

After the initial tests, Lima was told that she could not use her own eggs, so IVF with donor eggs was suggested to her. “I met Dharshi [our Egg Donor Coordinator ] who is so nice and helped me [through the process]”. 

“I went to the clinic so many times, once, twice or three times a week, I can’t remember! Everyone is very good and very nice. Very helpful and very friendly.”

Lima recalls meeting our Patient Coordinator, Carina. “Firstly I made an appointment with Carina. Then I went to the clinic, I met Joana who is so nice, then nurses and Dr Venkat.”

About Dr Venkat, Lima simply tells us: “I am so happy with her.”



A message for other hopeful parents

Lima told us she had a message for all women looking for a fertility treatment during the pandemic: “I would encourage all women to go to Harley Street Fertility Clinic because I am the proof that the treatment is successful.”

The pandemic certainly didn't stop Lima! She told us: “All I wanted is to have a successful pregnancy and this is what I’ve got.”

We wish wonderful Lima a healthy pregnancy and we are looking forward to catching up with her in the near future.

*Patient's name was changed for confidentiality. Stock picture.