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April 15, 2020

Our family: Nicola Manashe and Alex Reid

Harley Street Fertility Clinic welcomes Nicola Manashe and Alex Reid to the HSFC family


- Alex and Nicola, determined to erase the stigma and secrecy around miscarriage and fertility problems -

The Harley Street Fertility Clinic is to partner with actor Alex Reid and his fiancée Nicola Manashe, and they hope their work will help others deal with fertility problems and miscarriage so they can come to terms with the anxiety, depression, isolation and post-traumatic stress this so often leads to.


The actor publicly shared details about the couple’s anguish after they heartbreakingly lost their fifth unborn child in September 2019, and they are both very open about the impact this has had on their lives.

With miscarriage still very much a taboo subject, the pair are keen to break the silence and will be working with the clinic to do this over the coming months as they receive the IVF treatment, they hope will finally make their family complete.

Dr Geetha Venkat who will be treating the couple, comments on the partnership, “We are delighted to have Alex and Nicola as patients, and I hope that we will be able to help them have a baby.  I’m extremely impressed at how, despite having suffered such loss themselves, that this couple go out of their way to help others come to terms with fertility problems and I hope that together we can swap secrecy and stigma for solace and support.”

Nicola says, “I know only too well that fertility issues and miscarriage can have a devastating impact on your life, and you can’t just sweep your loss and emotions under the carpet.  Anger, guilt, grief, hurt, and despair are totally natural feelings in this situation, but so many people, me included, feel that we have to hide the pain and paint on a smile, but this can actually make things worse and lead to anxiety and depression.

 Nicola, adds, “We are really positive about working with Dr Venkat and the Harley Street Fertility Clinic and hope that their medical excellence and expertise will allow us to have the baby we have so desperately tried for and wanted for many years. This is also a chance for us to connect with others on their journey and help to break the taboo and silence of miscarriage and fertility issues. We will use our public platform to bring people together and I hope our openness and media activities will help to start conversations and ease the pain.”

 Alex further comments, “Losing a baby through miscarriage is heart-breaking and having been here five times already, facing another round of IVF brings up a whole host of emotions and turmoil. While Nicola and I hope that our partnership with the Harley Street Fertility Clinic will allow us to be parents, we are determined to use this as an opportunity to break the silence so many people face when it comes to fertility problems and loss”.

We wish Nicola and Alex a happy journey  with Harley Street Fertility Clinic and a warm welcome to our family!