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September 5, 2020

Our family: Rachael - “I wouldn’t be a mum today without HSFC’s help”

Rachael, Michael and Harry (5 years old)


Our stories usually feature patients in the early stages of their fertility journey with Harley Street Fertility Clinic, or who have recently become mums.

Today we are featuring Rachael, her partner, and their 5-year-old* “happy, healthy little boy, Harry” as Rachael describes him.

Here is their wonderful, happy story.

Choosing HSFC

Rachael and her husband had been together and trying for a baby for a few years, before coming to HSFC in late 2014. After having an ectopic pregnancy, Rachael had a fallopian tube removed, but she was told she could have a natural pregnancy, which did not happen.

They decided to consider other fertility options and found the Harley Street Fertility Clinic.

“We did some research and we came across HSFC after we looked at success rates, reviews,” Rachael starts her story. “We then booked a consultation. After meeting Dr. Venkat, we just knew this was the place for us,” says Rachael.



After the consultation, they have decided to go ahead with the IVF procedure, using Rachael’s own eggs and partner’s sperm. They had 8 embryos which were not graded very well. “My blastocysts didn’t make it to day 5, and I had to have a transfer at day 2. We had 2 transfers, one leading to my baby boy”.


The pregnancy

Although more than 5 years ago, Rachael remembers fondly about her pregnancy, “The pregnancy went excellent, I was on progesterone for a while to keep the pregnancy going. I had a healthy pregnancy which led to a very healthy 8.7 pounds  little boy. Everything went smoothly.”

When asked about her son, you could simply sense that Rachael is smiling (like every mother!). Harry is “a happy, healthy 5 year old, typical little boy, my little miracle man. It it wasn’t for HSFC, I wouldn’t haver my dream come true. I wouldn’t be a mum today without Dr Venkat’s help, without her experience and knowledge, just amazing!” conclude Rachael.


The HSFC family

“Dr Venkat? Just amazing. She makes you feel welcome. Everything was thoroughly explained, all the treatments available, what’s best for us. We definitely did the right decision with HSFC and Dr Venkat.”

Rachael also has some warm thoughts about the clinic’s Granny, the one and only Marion. “Marion? So kind, so reassuring. Absolutely lovely. I’ve never met such lovely lady in my whole life, really nice,” says Rachael.


A message for other women

“To women seeking fertility treatments, I would really, highly recommend Dr Venkat. You will be treated in such a comforting and confidential, dignified way, by all the team and staff. I honestly, highly, highly recommend, and who knows? I might go back one day myself…” says Rachael, laughing.


A message at our 10th year anniversary?

September – time to celebrate  Harley Street Fertility Clinic's 10th anniversary.


Rachael has a special message for HSFC. “I cannot thank you enough for making our dreams come true. Very, very very happy birthday, and many more years to come, and hopefully helping many, many couples out there.”

Rachael asked Harry to tell us Happy Birthday.  He hesitated for a while, then he wished us the sweetest "Happy birthday", followed by a kiss.

We hope you enjoyed reading Rachael, Michael and Harry's story.

*The interview was recorded in 2020. 

When you are ready to start your fertility journey with us, please email us at or call us on 020 4538 9456. We would be delighted to welcome you to our family.