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October 13, 2020

Our Family: Rachel, the fighter. Part 1

Her heartache over her double loss and continuing her fertility journey



Being unable to conceive naturally can be devastating, but one thing we know about our patients is that they are incredibly resilient, and will always keep exploring every option to fulfill their dream of becoming parents. While most of our patients’ stories are about wonderful, successful pregnancies thanks to the help of our IVF clinic, this time, we are sharing a story about hope, loss and determination.


Rachel’s Story



Part of this story was written when I met Rachel one afternoon in November. She was on her way out, and I caught up with her, asking if she had a moment. She stopped and agreed to talk to me about her fertility journey. At the time, she was beaming with happiness and pregnant with twins.




Searching for a Fertility Clinic in London


Usually, when our patients look for IVF specialists, the first place they visit is the internet. Rachel was in Africa at the time of her search, but looked specifically for Harley Street Fertility Clinic when researching online after hearing great reviews from friends.

“Harley Street Fertility Clinic is a very popular choice. Everyone I’ve been talking to told me how good this clinic is, and that they are doing a great job,” said Rachel, an international patient from Africa.

Convinced, Rachel decided to come to the UK and try a fertility treatment.




The IVF Treatment with HSFC


“I started my fertility treatment with HSFC some time ago. This is the second time... the first round of IVF was not successful, but this time God made me happy!” Rachel’s face showed a mixture of emotions as she told us her story - it was clear to see the pain she had been through when her first IVF treatment had failed, however while speaking to us about the second attempt with donor eggs and sperm, her face lit up with joy.

It was second time lucky for Rachel. She was then pregnant with twins, and there was no hiding her happiness! “I am so happy, so happy!”.




HSFC Family


When asked about the staff, Rachel expressed her gratitude to all the staff and Dr. Venkat.

“The staff? They are all fantastic!” Rachel said. “Dr Venkat is a good woman! She welcomes you, she is so friendly. When I lost the first embryo, I cried, and she hugged me and encouraged me: ‘Don’t cry, don’t cry, we are going to give you a  baby.’”

“I thank everybody at the clinic and I want God to give them wisdom to do their job. I thank God I saw this clinic. They welcomed me and are so good to me,” concluded Rachel, with a big smile.




The Loss


Tragically, a few months after our interview Rachel miscarried. My heart skipped a beat when I heard the news - I remembered how happy she had been when telling me about her twins. When a patient suffers a loss, we suffer a loss too. We share a tear and sometimes all we can say is sorry.


Today, in the week that marks Baby Loss Awareness Week, we are sharing Rachel’s journey. Too often parents grieve in silence for the babies they lost, but it's important to share and grieve together. Although it’s a very sensitive topic, we must raise awareness. Dr. Venkat and the team do everything humanly and professionally possible to give women their precious babies, but the outcome is sometimes unexpected.


To learn more about miscarriage, watch our webinar about miscarriage and recurrent implantation failure.







Rachel’s Journey Continues


I received the news recently that Rachel is due to start another IVF cycle soon. In my mind I saw her, with tears in her eyes, determined to try again. “I am not giving up! I am a fighter!” she said.



Dr Venkat says: “Rachel is such a lovely person! I am so glad she decided to come back for another cycle. We will support her in her journey, as we always do. I cannot wait to welcome her back to our clinic. She will also be having counselling to help her through this difficult time in her life.”



This is not our usual happy story. It is a life story.



Today, Rachel teaches us a valuable lesson: you should never lose hope, and in the meantime, it’s ok to grieve and to look for a rainbow after the storm. Harley Street Fertility Clinic will be by Rachel’s side as she takes the next step on her IVF treatment journey, and we are looking forward to sharing her good news with you in the near future.



If you’ve been triggered by this story, we are here to support you, like every family. We also have trained counsellors who can help you before, during and after your treatment. Don't be afraid to get in touch and share your feelings or concerns.


Listen to Rachel below.


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*We have used a stock picture for patient's confidentiality.