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May 13, 2020

Our family: Tiana and her double joy


“Coming all the way from Africa to be treated by the amazing Harley Street Fertility Clinic was the best decision ever!”


Earlier, in February, we sat down to speak  with Tiana, a beautiful international patient from Africa, to hear  her story.  Although happy to share her journey, she was a bit shy and needed a little help from her sister, who decided to speak on her behalf. “If the husband would be here, he would tell you their IVF story, but he is not so I will tell you,” the sister said, both sisters smiling and simply beaming with happiness, started their interview with us.

Listen to Tiana's story, as told by her sister, here:


How their fertility journey with HSFC started

After multiple attempts at fertility treatments in her country which unfortunately failed, Tiana decided to come to the UK in search of better fertility options. “My sister called me one day to tell me she was looking for a fertility treatment, and she was looking to come here to the UK, all the way from Africa,” the sister says. “Where do we start when looking for a fertility clinic? We simply wanted the best clinic,” she continues.

Tiana’s sister then tells us how they spent a lot of time and effort researching for the best fertility clinics in UK  and  finally decided to choose Harley Street Fertility Clinic.


The positive pregnancy news

“From day 1 the Harley Street Fertility Clinic has been so fantastic,” declares Tiana’s sister, while Tiana approves quietly. “We had ups and downs, but today we have the results. My sister was so nervous and I told her to be strong.”

The pregnancy test came back positive and the happiness exudes from every word the sister says. “We can’t contain our joy right now,” Tiana’s sister says, while Tiana quietly weeps.


The “extended family” (or our staff)

Tiana’s sister has only praises for HSFC staff. “I really appreciate the support of the staff,” says Tiana’s sister, while Tiana nods. “The assurance of the staff was fantastic. When you think you can’t do it, they reassured us, sometimes even without speaking a word, it goes a long way,” she says.

What about Dr. Venkat? “She’s been great. She is really amazing! Even now, encouraging us ‘Don’t worry, don’t panic!’ as the results came in.”


Double joy

“We’ve got twins on the way, yes, twins on the way,” Tiana’s sister says, “we cannot wait to share with our family the wonderful news!” She continues, “Doctor Venkat told us everything is great, they are growing nicely, we are in 2020 so double blessing,” Tiana’s sister concludes.

We are looking forward to witnessing Tiana’s fertility journey with us, welcoming her back to our clinic soon. In the meantime, we are wishing her a healthy and happy pregnancy!

The patient's name has been changed to protect the patient's confidentiality. Stock picture.