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15 November 2023

Patience is a virtue, a loving IVF family, the reward

Meet Anne-Marie and Daniel, a couple whose fertility journey began with Harley Street Fertility Clinic in 2015. Despite a journey of unsuccessful cycles and a number of clinics, they are now proud parents of two, a boy and a girl. Today, we bring you Anne-Marie's inspiring story, capturing the essence of her remarkable journey through the challenges and triumphs of fertility treatments

Anne-Marie’s fertility journey started in 2011 when she and her husband faced challenges due to her diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and her husband's sperm motility issues. Like many, they selected a local and experienced IVF clinic but with no success. Realising that her case was a complex one, they travelled the miles and had a consultation with renowned Fertility expert, Dr. Venkat at Harley Street Fertility Clinic in August 2015. Anne-Marie recognised the importance of comprehensive fertility tests and discussions with Dr. Venkat to understand their fertility thoroughly. “My husband and I wanted to have a full picture of our fertility so we took tests and discussed everything with Dr Venkat.”

Their journey unfolded with various treatments, including testing for natural killer cells and intralipid treatments- a common natural immunity that can cause miscarriage further down the line. “I remember Dr Venkat calling me at 10 or 11 in the night, saying ‘I have the results, unfortunately the ‘killer cells’ are still not low enough to make an IVF cycle as successful as it could be’,” recalls Anne-Marie. Despite setbacks, Anne-Marie persisted with grace and resilience. She recalled moments of uncertainty, highlighting the support and trust she placed in the Harley Street Fertility Clinic team. “I trusted the team all the way through, the embryologist, the nurses and Dr Venkat”.

After a challenging IVF journey, Anne-Marie's tenacity supported by the right clinic led to the birth of her daughter, Poppy-Mairead, in September 2017. Determined to expand their family, Anne-Marie and her husband returned to HSFC after Poppy-Mairead turned one. The journey, marked by patience and careful planning, culminated in the birth of their son in May 2020.

Reflecting on her experience, Anne-Marie commended the flexibility of appointments at Harley Street Fertility Clinic, praising the team's efforts to accommodate her schedule. “When I had tests with my second child and I had to bring Poppy-Mairead with me, they were quite happy to entertain her at Reception. I think Suvir (the General Manager) just had a baby so he was also happy to entertain.” Anne-Marie acknowledged the emotional rollercoaster of IVF but expressed gratitude for the unwavering support and sense of humour of the team.

Anne-Marie highlighted the exceptional care she received from the nursing staff, receptionists, and embryologists. She specifically commended Dr. Venkat for her outstanding support, describing her as ‘one of a kind’—a doctor who always greets with a smile and listens attentively.

To those embarking on their fertility journey, Anne-Marie offers valuable advice: "Don't panic!" She encourages individuals to view it as a journey, take their time, and trust the medical advice provided. Anne-Marie's journey is emphasizing the uniqueness of each person's experience and the importance of trusting the supportive clinic staff.