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June 25, 2021

Frozen embryo transfer and 2 week wait

Our family: Nikoleta and Karleen

“Having a positive mindset led us to where we are now.”



When we first interviewed our same-sex couple Nikoleta and Karleen, they were planning to wait until September to have their embryo transfer. Nikoleta had already undergone the egg retrieval process and the embryos were tested, but things were on hold until after the summer. 

However, they then decided to go ahead with the transfer a couple of months later. We caught up with the couple again after it had been completed, just as they were going through the “dreaded 2-week wait" to find out whether the implant had been successful…


Deciding on "the right time"

We asked why they didn’t want to wait as they had initially planned. Nikoleta told us:"This lockdown could last forever so we decided to go ahead. There is never a perfect time.” 

Karleen added: “Our original plan was to wait and enjoy the summer. But we are both aware we are getting older, so why wait?”

Nikoleta admitted that in the end, they wanted to start treatment as soon as possible: “When is the right time? There is no right time, you just have to go with it.”

Karleen also told us that they had both agreed not to do a fresh transfer: “We wanted to give Nik time to recover from everything she had to go through for the egg collection - give us both a bit of time to relax. In hindsight, there wasn’t a need to wait for as long as we planned to.” 



The dreaded 2 -week wait

We asked Nikoleta how she felt about waiting to find out her results. She told us: “I don’t think about it. In the nicest possible way, I am relaxed. I go about my day, I do the things that I usually do.” She also told us that this was one piece of advice that our nurses at HSFC gave - to relax and carry on with day-to-day life.

Despite her relaxed attitude, Nikoleta also confessed that she is now more cautious in terms of her diet, and more aware of the changes that she will need to make in case of a pregnancy. “I don’t drink coffee or coke zero anymore,” she says.

Karleen has similar feelings about the 2 week wait: “Every now and again it pops into my head that we are waiting for the results, but we're just getting on with things. At this point we are thinking 'what happens, happens'. We do what we have to do. Lots of positives have happened for us so far, and having a positive mindset has led us to where we are now.”

Nikoleta says there is still anxiety about the test, and both partners agree they will not be testing any earlier than planned. “We have 2 puppies that keep us busy. I keep myself occupied and Karleen is busy with work. The time goes really quickly - you don’t have a chance to let it sink in."


Advice for others

Nikoleta’s piece of advice to others is “stay positive and enjoy it.” She even says she enjoys the injections (different from the egg retrieval injections), adding “you don’t really feel it”.

The couple tell us that they would also encourage others to keep busy. Nikoleta adds: “It’s easier said than done, but you just have to stay calm. I love cleaning, it keeps me from constantly worrying.” Karleen adds that keeping active and trying to live life as normally as possible is the best thing to do. 

We finished our chat, and the couple promised to keep us updated about their results. The 2-week wait will be ending soon, so we wish them the best of luck, and we cannot wait to catch up with them again!

Watch the conversation below.





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