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9 December 2023

Christmas and infertility

This year Christmas is going to look slightly better than last year for the majority of people. For people trying to conceive, Christmas might bring more sadness.


Mollie Graneek, our counsellor, is giving her advice for people facing infertility, not only at Christmas but all year round.


Coping with Infertility

Acknowledging the Crisis. Normalizing your feelings, and accepting the situation can be crucial steps toward moving forward.

Avoid self-blame, which is not always beneficial. Refrain from being upset with yourself or your partner for not conceiving earlier. Instead, focus on practical steps that can be taken in the given circumstances.

Partnership Through the Journey. Couples facing infertility often experience isolation, hesitating to share their feelings to prevent upsetting each other. Collaborate and share your feeelings with your partner, rely on each other.

Empowering Yourself with Knowledge. Explore available resources and educate yourself about treatment options. Taking a proactive approach often instills a sense of empowerment, aiding in making informed decisions about your future prospects.

Setting Boundaries.  Consider your boundaries regarding fertility treatment. Discuss with your partner how far you're willing to go before exploring alternative paths to parenthood.

Self-Care and Well-being. Be compassionate to yourself. Don't let infertility define you. Engage in activities you enjoy, especially exploring alternative therapies like acupuncture, dancing, massage, and relaxation techniques.

Prioritizing Health. Focus on getting healthy and fit. Optimal overall health is linked to increased chances of conception.

Navigating Emotional Triggers. Avoid situations that intensify feelings of loss. If events like baby showers and baby-focused activities are too painful, grant yourself permission to skip them.

Supportive Counseling. Remember, we provide counseling for those facing infertility throughout their fertility journey with us.

Whatever your plans this Christmas, be kind to yourself and savor the festive season. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to the clinic in the New Year with open arms, kindness, and top-notch expertise to help you achieve the family you desire.

Have a lovely Christmas!