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July 5, 2022

Funding Treatment Options at Harley Street Fertility Clinic

At HSFC we know all too well that the emotional toll and anxiety of starting fertility treatment can be overwhelming. For many, the cost of treatment feels like yet another obstacle to overcome. So, to help ease the load, HSFC have teamed up with a few carefully selected partners to provide alternative options to help cover the costs of your fertility treatment.



Gaia offer a tailored “insurance” type funding plan. For each round of treatment, you pay an initial fee. If you don’t have a live birth, you pay no more. If successful, you pay the balance over 12 months at 0% interest. Your Gaia plan will include all essential treatment and medications but does not include extras, such as genetic testing or immune treatments.

Listen to our podcast with Nader AlSalim, the founder and CEO of Gaia, who told us about the reasons of founding Gaia, the company that is redesigning the way that you pay for IVF.

To read the blog announcing the new partnership, please visit this page.


Assured Fertility

Assured Fertility offer two types of treatment package:

– 100% refund plan: IVF treatment with full refund, including medications, if unsuccessful. This plan is subject to screening and approvals

– Multi-cycle plan: discounted treatment package price. No screening or approval required beyond standard clinic assessment

Listen to our podcast with Nick Montague, Director Assured Fertility, and Holly Scot, Patient and Clinic Liason Manager Assured Fertility, who told us more about the multicycle and 100% refund IVF plans.

To read the blog announcing the new partnership, please visit this page.



If you would like to explore any of these treatment payment options further, please do contact the emails and numbers listed below:



To find out more about Gaia, contact:




Assured Fertility

To find out more about Assured Fertility, contact:

Email: -Holly Scott (Patient and Clinic Liaison Manager)

Tel: 03332340895