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March 19, 2022

“The wonderful you: An IVF story”

HSFC is launching a children’s book to educate the IVF babies on fertility issues



Between 11-20th March 2022 we are celebrating British Science Week. This year’s theme is ‘growth’, a perfect symbol of the importance of IVF and the advances that have been made in this field over the years. For many people, IVF treatments are the only way to become parents. Thanks to the many fertility treatments options available for many different people, almost anyone has the opportunity to become a parent, regardless of fertility issue, relationship status or gender.


At Harley Street Fertility Clinic we are proud of our family-friendly approach. As we believe “a family will always be a family”, we thought it was about time to write a book for the IVF children. A book that speaks about eggs, embryos, and the magic of science.


The author of the book is Dr. Delia Corol, Head of Marketing at HSFC, who said, “Joining the HSFC family and talking to the patients I realised, once again, how fortunate I am to have a child. Many people struggle to have a family, and they go the extra miles to have a baby. I feel honoured and privileged to talk to patients about their fertility journey. I was thinking, ‘what about a book for the patients’ children? They deserve to know how wanted they are, how loved they are, and how sometimes people need help from a special place in order to have them.’ All our patients mention our amazing members of staff, our HSFC family, and they all feature in my book –a lovely helpful doctor who also plays the role of a Fairy God Mother, the scientists or embryologists, the helpful nurses and receptionists. I enjoyed writing it and I hope everyone will enjoy reading it. It’s a fun, light-hearted and educational story that will leave everyone smiling.”


The book is illustrated by Phillip Reed and will be free to download on Amazon between 19-20th March 2022.