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4 May 2021

Extraordinary Conception

We welcomed The International Surrogacy and Egg Donor program “Extraordinary Conception” into our HSFC family in 2019, and since the collaboration, we've seen great success.

Hilary Smith, International Client Relations Expert at Extraordinary Conceptions, spoke to us recently about the program, telling us when and why it was founded, about the collaboration with HSFC and providing some interesting insights into their new hybrid program. 



What is Extraordinary Conceptions?

Extraordinary Conceptions is an international surrogacy and egg donor agency. The agency is based in California, but they also have offices in Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica and Europe (UK, France, Italy, Spain), and have staff that speak 12 languages!

The surrogate and egg donor agency was founded in 2005 by CEO Mario Caballero and his wife Stephanie, who had their own children through surrogacy. “[Mario and Stephanie] wanted to give their full support to other intended parents who required a surrogate, because they went through the process and they knew how difficult it was,” says Hilary.



Working with Extraordinary Conceptions

Hilary was working as an IVF nurse in Canada when she discovered Extraordinary Conceptions. “During my time as an IVF nurse, we collaborated with many agencies as we also had egg donation programs. I loved working with Extraordinary Conceptions, it was by far my favourite. You could tell they care. They looked after the parents, the egg donors and surrogates equally. When Extraordinary Conceptions started to expand, I hopped onto their team and moved to the UK to help support the intended parents. Later the agency spread into other parts of Europe.”



The new Hybrid Program

Extraordinary Conceptions agency currently offers surrogacy in the US, Mexico and Canada, but they also have a new hybrid program in which international intended parents are able to create their embryos closer to home. The hopeful parents can then match with a surrogate in the US, who will be offered the embryo transfer at the clinic in London. After the embryo transfer, the surrogate continues the pregnancy and gives birth in the US. Because of the laws and long waiting times for surrogates in the UK and across Europe, the hybrid program is very popular.  


The collaboration with Harley Street Fertility Clinic

“I met Suvir, General Manager at HSFC, 2 years ago”, says Hilary. “We talked about the hybrid program and offered it to HSFC. We both agreed it’s a great option. It’s been a really great collaboration. Since we started, we have had at least 10 active cycles with HSFC. It’s great that we are being able to offer the hybrid option here in the UK as we have offered it for so many years in Canada."


Extraordinary Conceptions surrogacy and egg donor agency can be contacted directly at, or through our teams at HSFC.