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January 5th, 2022

Mustafa, Quality and Compliance Manager - 1


 Behind the scenes, there are many wonderful people who make the running of the clinic go smoothly. Today, we’ll be introducing just one of those people: Mustafa, our Operations and Quality Manager at Harley Street Fertility Clinic.


In a nutshell, Mustafa’s role is focused on looking after the wellbeing of our patients and supporting the team in delivering our services. According to Mustafa, this is all about  “helping to develop a smooth pathway for our patients, supporting the team in achieving what they need to achieve, and picking up on any difficulties or problems that may arise.” On top of his patient-facing work, Mustafa also works with the management to help develop the strategic direction of the clinic.


Today's podcast is about Mustafa as seen by his colleagues. Joana (Office Manager), Rachel (Head Nurse), Mihaela (Senior Embryologist), Suvir (General Manager ) and Dr Venkat (Director HSFC).


In the next podcast find out what brought him to HSFC, what his favourite part of the job is, his day-to-day duties and being part of the HSFC family.


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