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Partnering with Fertility Help Hub

It’s important to get all the support you can during fertility treatment, which is why we’ve partnered with Fertility Help Hub (FHH), part of Ribbon Box. The free community app and ‘social voice’ is created to support anyone going through any kind of fertility treatment. So whatever stage you’re at, you can connect with others who understand what a fertility struggle feels like.

The background

FHH was founded by Eloise, a donor sperm IVF mother of three. Having experienced the painful uncertainty of IVF treatment first-hand, Eloise set out to create an inclusive and free platform that gives people going through fertility treatment all the things she and her husband wished they’d had at the time. And better still, it’s all in one convenient place.

Having experienced fertility issues first-hand, we know how important it is to connect with people who truly get it.

Eloise, Founder

How they can help

No matter your skin colour, sexual preference or where you are on your fertility journey, FHH is there to make sure you never feel alone. From a supportive worldwide community with shared stories to specialist fertility guidance, expert tips and advice, you can explore a vast library of useful resources whenever you need to during treatment.

Other features include a fertility quiz designed to match you with the right expertise, as well as fertility and wellness discounts, all of which have been carefully chosen by FHH on your behalf.

The benefits – at a glance

  • Take a quiz and get targeted help and advice 
  • Get community support from around the world
  • Discover real-life stories from people going through the same journey you are
  • Empower yourself with fertility and wellbeing tips 
  • Get expert interviews on a huge range of topics
  • Listen to the FHH podcast discuss everything from endometriosis to nutrition

This Is My Healthcare offers a range of fertility services including initial testing for men and women in clinics outside London.


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