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Selecting healthy sperm for fertilisation

Zymot devices enable a natural selection of healthy sperm for a variety of fertility treatments

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Is Zymot sperm selection right for me?

If you are exploring ICSI, IMSI or IVF as a potential treatment, having the healthiest sperm selecting will undoubtedly improve your chances of success.

A Zymot™ device allows clinics to select the healthiest  and motile sperm from your sample through natural and unharmful selection. 

We will recommend a Zymot selection when there is a count of over 2m sperm per ml.  

You might want to use Zymot selection if…

  • You have a low sperm count
  • You have low motility and 'sluggish' sperm
  • You have mis-shapen sperm
  • The level of DNA fragmentation in the sperm is high
  • You’ve experienced a failed or poor fertilisation in a previous cycle
  • You wish to leave nothing to chance and seek a successful pregnancy

The science behind Zymot device

ZyMot is a device,  which can be used in the IVF laboratory to prepare and select sperm for insemination by intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), IMSI or IVF. ZyMot enables healthy and motile sperm to actively swim through a membrane filter in the device, therein self-selecting.  

This new technology is designed to mirror aspects of natural conception and avoids centrifugation which some reports suggest may stress the sperm membranes and potentially cause damage.


Is Zymot effective ?

There are a low number of studies with conflicting evidence and more detailed research will have to be carried out on Zymot with clinical outcomes.

Some references can be found in the linked patient information sheet.

Download our Zymot information sheet

Unknown facts about sperm health

50% of infertility cases...

50% of infertility cases are linked to poor sperm health

Low sperm DNA fragmentation....

Low sperm  DNA fragmentation is a key factor of healthy sperm. 

Natural selection of sperm ....

Zymot device can mimic the natural selection of motile sperm without damage to the membrane wall. This can be used successfully as part of ICSI and IMSI treatment paths. 

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