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Specialised IVF treatments

We support your personal journey to conceive with a range of specialist treatments that can supplement your next IVF cycle, enhance your chances of and reduce your time to a successful pregnancy.

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A tailored approach

We’re focused on understanding your unique fertility health and achieving a successful outcome, so we can recommend the best treatment plan for you – that’s right first time.

Specialised IVF treatments


Genetic Testing (PGT) for embryos

Increase your chances of a successful pregnancy and reduce your risk of miscarriage by genetically testing your embryos before implantation in your womb.
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Advanced Embryology

Accurately choose the best embryo for transfer into your womb to increase your chances of a successful pregnancy.
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Endometrial Scratch

A gentle scratch to the lining of the uterus and saline rinse can increase your chances of embryo implantation during IVF.
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Surgical Sperm Retrieval

Safely retrieve your sperm either for immediate fertility treatment or to be frozen for use in the future.
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Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

A single sperm is selected to be injected directly into an egg ready for fertilisation. This is useful when the sperm quality is low or the eggs have been frozen.
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Select the healthiest sperm with IMSI

Select sperm that are most likely to result in a successful pregnancy using this effective new technique.
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Still Unsure?

You might find our frequently asked questions useful.

When it comes to fertility treatments, there's so much to think about and it's normal to have a lot of questions.  these are some of the things we get asked most often:

How long does the IVF process take ?

IVF treatment plans are unique to each patient and treatment pathways can be effected by the way each patient reacts to stimulation medications.  Treatments can be from can take from 12 weeks through to 24 weeks from initial consultation to pregnancy scan.  

Following your fertility consultation you will receive a defined pathway with estimated timings.

Given that every patient reacts differently and has varying commitments in their life, it is wise to allow 6 months for the process.

Will I meet the same doctor regularly ?

Harley Street Fertility believe in 100% consistency of care.  This enables a thoroughness with patient notes and building a knowledge over time and throughout treatment.  This is quite unique to our clinic and a big influence on our excellent success rates. 

How do I know your treatment pathway is the best for me ?

Essentially you can't get guarantees with IVF . However our  success rates are testament to our approach at Harley Street. We will explore every aspect of your history and recommend further tests to ensure we have all the evidence at the beginning.  This allows us to reach the optimum treatment pathway for you and not leave any element to chance.  Patients can suffer set-backs at any stage of the pregnancy which is what we safeguard against.  Our early tests and specialised investigations may feel time consuming and can add cost but it is the best way to ensure you have  baby.  

Each patient is seen consistently by one doctor so solid evidence can be built up .  What's more our Doctors meet daily and discuss every patient to ensure there is group learning and thoroughness.